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Dirty the Book is the authors big debut. What began as an impromptu from her journal’s slowly blossomed into a ground breaking memoir. She’s currently working on her sophomore effort titled Dark. We can’t wait to see what a page turner yarn she weaves next!

Who is the Author – her core Brilliance
Author Grace Holden is a mother of 5, lover of people, Ex-Victim (of multiple traumas) now Victor! She is a Voice of HOPE. She is an Executor, High-Impact Corporate Trainer, Business and Life Strategist, Consultant/Mentor and a John Maxwell Certified speaker. She is the CEO of Champions League – Building Champions for Life. Grace is an unstoppable Visionary and a positive force.

During her undergraduate years Grace was severely abused, stabbed and oppressed…she gave away her body for approval often. Fighting to get through a high performance school and be a good single mother some days felt impossible. Through all of that hell, Grace refused to quit and managed to fight her way through. She completed her undergraduate degree from Seattle Pacific University in Communication and eventually her Master’s Degree in Human Services from Capella University.

Grace has the heart big enough to fit the world in it and she has the tenacity to be the Catalyst of a Nationwide Movement DADS.

Grace is not a Solo – Leader, she breathes Unity. Unifying leaders, professionals, book authors, victors, concerned organizations, men and women, boys and girls to help fulfill the goals ahead; which is her God given Destiny. Join Grace in her dedication and commitment to the cause.

“Grace is much like a pearl found in an oyster shell; when you open her up, clean it out from all the muck inside, you find a treasure hidden in there.”

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