#SilenceEnds I endeavor to help end Silence on Dirty Little Secrets most of us walk around with in silence. Silence is a mask that will rot if you wear it too long. If you have buried secrets, trauma, pain in your life in order to continue to present to the world that all is well; I lay my secrets and scars out bare for the world in order for your silent voice to be heard. Through my journey of HOPE, from Victim of 5 traumas, sexual molestation, rape, bullying, sex trafficked, domestic abuse (stabbed in 4 places) and later a terrible divorce, to Victor I share through public speaking, and my books Dirty, Dark and Co-Authored recent Bestseller Invincible the 7-steps to forgiveness, so you can too end your silence and heal #SilenceEnds

Ready to End Silence share with me the secret you are ready to reveal….complete contact form and send over and I will discuss in the blogs anonymously

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